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Below are some of the questions Linda get asked the most. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about Salty Seattle. If you have a question that wasn't answered here, get in touch! 


Pasta, Pretty Please, is out now, and has been met with widespread critical and audience acclaim.  The book has 30+ recipes for different colors of dough (both sheeted & rolled, as in gnocchi). In it, I explain thoroughly how to make each color. There are also tons of recipes for shapes, patterns, & sauces. You can find it wherever books are sold,on Amazon, or for a personalized copy, go here.  

My eggs come from my own chickens & ducks who I ❤ excessively & spoil extensively. 

It depends. If you are making pasta and you want to ensure that the color is vibrant after cooking, sheet it very thin so that you don’t have to boil it for long. The shorter the amount of time the pasta is in the water, the better the color will hold. Since the color comes from vegetables, it is also more nutritionally beneficial to boil for less time. Another thing to consider is the age of the noodles. If you’re able to boil pasta within a few hours of making it, it’ll cook more quickly. Some colors stay bright more than others. If you want a vibrant finished dish, use activated charcoal, spinach, parsley, turmeric root, harissa, or butterfly pea flowers.

Every dough can be made egg-free/vegan by using water instead of eggs.

Most of the time I use traditional flour, but I have a great online tutorial for making gluten-free pasta. If you'd like to watch it, it's availableHERE 

It probably goes without saying at this point, but I get asked at least once a day, so I'm including it. I'm very sorry but I don't take dinner reservations.  

Each batch of dough has eggs, "00" pasta flour, & whatever color ingredient I use- examples include beets, chard, turmeric, charcoal, matcha, harissa, paprika, carrots, peas, etc.

I sure am! Check out my channel where you can find my latest pasta creations, fun recipes and How-To videos. And don't forget to turn on the notification bell so you always know when I post a new video!